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Civil War Cider


                Rob is the laborer at Civil War Cider and the dishwasher for Bushel & Barrel Ciderhouse.  His jokes, while politically correct - are usually ill-received, but tolerated by the friendly and engaging Civil War Cider team.  Encouraged by obligatory chuckles and half smiles, Rob is a consistent bar-flower in his own establishment - like the thorn on the stem of a rose.  He has rugged good looks and industrious curly hair, but most people are unaware, due to the low lighting scheme he installed in the building.  @CiderRobA is his twitter handle, but he doesn't know his password, nor does he know the passwords for updating this website.

Meet the Staff!





                     Our mostly fearless day-to-day leader joined the Civil War Cider entourage first as patron, then as casual bartender, and finally as manager. Born in Maryland, she moved to the picturesque, Norman Rockwell town that is Lewisburg and frequented the cider bar as her favored rathskeller after befriending Rob and his cider posse. You can spot Emily in the wild via the cupcake tattoo on her arm. She is a burlesque dancer on the side so please disregard the occasional pastie on the floor. It’s not a health concern unless you find it in your drink.




                    Born in South America, but raised in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, Sofia still can't believe she's Argentine. Skeptical of her dualistic nationality, she has been able to find solace in wine... as an ubiquitous libation that can be understood and enjoyed cross-culturally. A five year journey of fine dining, impressive vistas, theatrical stints, and enlightenment eventually brought Sofia back to Union County. She became reconciled to rural life after the providential discovery of a tiny cider shoppe. Sofia was tickled to stumble on a venture so new stemming out of a tradition so old, and so decided to navigate her career by way of apple wine

              Gifted with a prowess for social graces, Ian eschewed his talents at an early age, preferring the company of Beethoven symphonies and Super Mario World to the socialites of his hometown, Rochester, NY.  After a sylvan romp around the Allegheny National Forest concluded with his graduation from Allegheny College, Ian moved to Lewisburg to pursue a Master's degree at Bucknell.  What better way to avoid assimilation than hiding behind a veil of academia? In financial desperation, Ian took a job as a bar musician.  Now, when you visit Bushel and Barrel you may see a svelte figure seated at the piano, or perhaps playing a lonely violin.  That is Ian.  His music, a specter of his colorful past, now resonates in the brains of cider-drinkers, satiating their hunger for harmonies as they slake their thirst on Thursdays.


                              Your friendly neighborhood silver-tongued sasquatch. Must eat meat with every meal. A barbarian raised by wolves and refined by the Socratic method. Lives for the conversation and will one day be the Pirate King of America. WARNING: Please keep all extremities away from his mouth, he is a biter.



                                           Michelle took a break from fattening herself on sticky rice and pad see ew in Thailand to read and talk about books all day as a Bucknell English graduate student. Hailing from tiny middle-of-nowhere Weedville, PA (yes that is an actual place), she thinks Lewisburg's got a lot goin' on, especially since Bushel & Barrel came into town (seriously, though--that's where her entire social life comes from). She likes to think of herself as Champ's fourth-favorite human, and she's crazy about pretty much any animal she comes into contact with. If you're considering bribing her, comic books, exceptional baked goods, and videos of baby elephants playing in the ocean are the way to go. 


Michelle G

                                Sarajane is currently living out the part of her pilgrimage that involves dwelling in the homeland for awhile. While here, she dabbles in letters and plants, sometimes strung together into sentences and gardens, sometimes harvested for stories and feasts. She envisions a rural renaissance in central PA filled with small farms, handy craftspeople, wise governance, radical librarians, happy babies, healthy parents, good art & song & dance, and, of course, the ability to loosen up with local grog. Upon meeting the ciderhouse for the first time she had a very good feeling. 



                        Our bartender, Devon, comes from the mystical land of Bucknell. It is a place not too far from here filled with thousands of the wildest animal species known to man, the college student. These college students run freely throughout the land of Bucknell, so beware before you enter, they are unpredictable and unruly. However, Devon strays away from the pack, often found by a shady tree or a cozy corner, other times found singing to herself as she walks. All the other college students find her confusing, for why does she not smash beer cans on her head? For why does she not stay awake until the sun rises? The answers to these questions are not as mysterious as you'd think. See Devon has the most fun time of all, the kind of fun most college students don't understand. If you stop by Bushel and Barrel when she's behind the counter, she may let you in on her secrets. But beware, she may make you question life as you know it. 



                                        Michelle is just trying to get a window seat on the way to hell.


                        As a former Miss Teen USA contestant, Chip learned early on the value of a good Brazilian. Come see him on Friday nights, but don't bring anything serious.


                                   Mclean loves dogs a lot. Ask her about dogs. She hails from Seattle, Washington and probably could talk about the rain and the beach for hours if allowed. Primarily works at Civil War Cider but also goes to Bucknell University on the side where she takes just 3 classes (all introductory level, one of them being drawing) and skates through her senior year. If she's not at Civil War Cider she's probably exploring somewhere relatively mundane or tending to her succulent garden.

Emma G

                                          Emma hails from Vermont, and legend has it that maple syrup runs through her veins. To get time off from studying chemical engineering at Bucknell, Emma serves up cider to Lewisburg's finest and explores the local restaurants in search of live music. 



                              Laura hails from the swamps of north central Florida, and yes, "y'all" is an indispensable part of her lexicon. After receiving her master's in art history from FSU, Laura snagged a curatorial fellowship at Bucknell. Thus, in Lewisburg she's managed to combine two of her all-time favorite things: art, and booze. Other proclivities include cooking, reading, and dumb jokes. She's been told her smile lights up a room, though only once you get through your second pint of the Colonel.

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